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Live to Learn

The Courageous Leadership series is a sequence of development offerings that have been created to furnish every level of leader the opportunity to develop skills that add to your toolkit to take back to the workplace and your everyday life.

Our aim is to provide companies, both large and small,  with the opportunity to train for change. We can help you grow high performance teams by providing them with challenge – physical, mental and ethical, all while having fun.

Programmes take place at the Makahika Outdoor Business Centre; set among forests and native bush in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges. The Centre has a unique wilderness feel which enhances the sense of challenge you will experience when you venture through the gates.

Our Vision is to provide participants the opportunity to ‘effect change’ in their organisation. We do this by challenging people in new and unique ways, physically and mentally, to not only bring out the best in individuals, but also to give them the tools they need to grow a high performance team.

All fitness levels and dietary requirements welcome on all programmes

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Our programmes cater to leaders at every stage of their journey. See dates, prices and course features below.


The Triptych Alliance

Live to Learn has partnered with Makahika OPC and Contact NZ, to create uniquely designed experiences for the constantly changing needs of today’s workforce. Together, our ever evolving programmes ensure we’re helping every Leader to reach their full potential.
Live to Learn manages your registration and introduction while the courses are delivered at Makahika Outdoor Business Centre by facilitator Sally Duxfield and her team of world class instructors.





Sally Duxfield

Sally Duxfield is the owner and Director of Contact N.Z. Ltd (consultancy), and Makahika OPC. Contact NZ’s corporate programmes are designed to meet the needs of individual organisations and they are often delivered in the ‘outdoor’ environment of Makahika OPC using experiential learning techniques.

With more than twenty years as the Director of Contact N.Z. Ltd Consultancy, and sixteen years in the NZ military, leading and contributing to the formation of high performance teams, Sally has immense knowledge of the motivation required to activate your business leaders and teams increasing their mental toughness and passion for leadership. Her ability to realise each individual’s interests, talents and styles translates into your team being recognised for their uniqueness and preferences.

Your course fee will contribute to Significant Positive Change

Leadership is more than leading a team of people in a working environment. It’s about leading positive change in your community. The SPC programme works with families in our community that lack the resources to grow strong, resilient children. Our vision is to collaboratively enable independent growth in families with a ‘culture of poverty & dependency’.

The programme contributes to grow communities with participation-enabling skills. Families will be provided with educational advice from Makahika OPC team, information, skills and ongoing support while building their independence.

Your course fee will contribute to help us support this programme to make a difference in our community, feeding our future leaders and their families with skills, care and nurture.