Example of training programmes:

Programme One
We provide training in the Kaweka Ranges for a large girls secondary school, with over 300 students participating in 12 training weekends during the year.  

Programme Two
A Wellington school has 120 students participate in a four-day training and practice journey programme, with options for mountain biking and tramping (introductory grade, intermediate grade and advanced grade), designed to allow boys of all fitness and experience levels to receive the ‘same training content’ in varying physical environments.  Teams are located between Holdsworth and Makahika OPC in Levin.  This allows the fit, experienced, boys to be physically and mentally challenged, and the less physically capable boys to be successful in an environment that is foreign to them.

Programme Three
Six students book into a residential programme at Makahika OPC for a ‘small group’ training and practice journey – 6:1 ratio with an instructor.

Programme Four
14 students select a date and location to suit their group, and Makahika OPC provides a Safety Management Plan and qualified instructor to provide training and supervision.